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Buying a villa in Dubai

Buying a villa in Dubai

Villas in Dubai are a great solution for those who are looking for a permanent residence and housing in the Emirate and prefer a family-friendly, semi-provincial, and quiet lifestyle within the bustling and luxurious city situated on the Persian Gulf’s white sand beaches.

In this article, we have selected the three most popular neighbourhoods to buy luxury villas in 2021 and offer tips about specific residential projects.

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Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is one of the most popular places in Dubai for tourists and expats. This residential project was launched in 2001, is spread over an area of 5.6 square kilometers, and is currently the largest man-made island in the world.

In a way, it could be called the 8th wonder of the world.

This island is the first in the Palm Islands, the other2 are Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira. As a result of this development, 520 kilometers of new, fully man-made coastal space was created.

Palm Jumeirah consists of three large parts: The Crescent, The Trunk, and sixteen “leaves”, The Fronds.

All areas consist of various residential real estate: villas, townhouses, apartments, and hotels. All this is complemented by elite restaurants, cafes, and various entertainment facilities for both active and leisurely recreation.

The island’smany aspects amaze with its engineering complexity. For instance, it not only has its own artificial shaft that protects the land from the sea but is also equipped with a set of filtration facilities that createsartificial flow in the fenced estates.This ensures that the stagnation of seawater around the islands is prevented.

When exploring the detailed geography of the island, it is evident that the vast majority of apartments are located on the Trunk of Palm Jumeirah. There are a variety of expensive hotels on the Crescent –more so than in other areas. And villas and townhouses are concentrated primarily on the Leaves of the island (The Fronds).

The villas are available in a variety of configurations:

  • According to the number of bedrooms, you can choose residences with between 1 to 7 or more rooms.
  • According to the number of bedrooms, you can choose residences with between 1 to 7 or more rooms.
  • Villas are especially popular with wealthy families looking for a permanent and luxurious residence in the Emirate.

The area as a whole leaves the impression of a place of exceptional luxury at first glance. Among the many shops, cafes, restaurants, and other entertainment venues, 3 relatively new places deserve the attention of residents:

  • The Pointe is a large shopping and entertainment center that includes many expensive and branded shops, as well as premium restaurants and cafes. The Pointe isin the north-northwestern part of the Island’s Trunk.
  • The island has the world's largest musical fountain known as the Fountain of Palm Trees.
  • Vista Mare combines a top-tier beach club and restaurant with an elite residential area. The complex covers 7432 square meters of which more than 2787 square meters areallocated for residential space.
  • Vista Mare restaurants offer a great mix of Oriental, Italian, Ethiopian, and other exotic global cuisines. Many restaurants are located directly on the beach and others have wide terraces.
  • Nakheel Mall is a large shopping and entertainment center(from the Nakheel development company)which has already gained cult-like popularity. It offers a choice of more than 300 elite shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. In particular, Nakheel Mall has a large cinema with 15 high-quality theatres.
  • Besides a variety of branded establishments, the mall offers its modern monorail roads The Rooftop and The View, to quickly navigate through the huge shopping area.

Palm Jumeirah is adjacent to the famous academic town of Knowledge Village as well as the business center of Dubai Internet City. Dubai Marina apartments and the distinguished elite residential community of Emaar Beachfront are situated towards the south and southeast of Palm Jumeirah.

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Dubai Hills

Dubai Hills (or Dubai Hills Estate) is an ultra-sophisticated residential area in Mohammed bin Rashid City (MBR City) developed Emaar Properties - the leading premium sector developer.

From its inception, the district has positioned itself as a place that has sought to attract many of the wealthiest expats who are interested in permanent residence in Dubai.

The estate is currently in the process of being completed andoccupies about 11 square kilometers.

Dubai Hills has a rich offering of apartments and several business parks. Its strength, however, is the premium expensive villas.

Dubai Hills is divided into 3 separate zones:

  • The first is for villas;
  • The second is for shopping centers;
  • The third combines restaurants and vertical residential apartments.

Both villas and apartments are located around a huge golf course of 18 divisions which received the World's Best New Golf Course award in 2019.

Near the district, there is the renowned Mall of the Emirates shopping center.

This multi-story shopping mall offers a choice of more than 630 stores, 7,900 parking spaces, 100 restaurants and cafes, 80 premium segment stores, and 250 branded stores.

In the event that residents needed medical care, the esteemed British hospital Kings College Hospital is available. Furthermore, families can choose to enroll their children at the GEMS Wellington School.

There are many large sports spaces for active leisure, elite hotels for temporary accommodation, and expensive office space for business rentals.

In general, the calm and quiet area is designed for family living. Many villas have a high level of technical security, are fenced, and provide direct access to a huge number of green areas and gardens.

There are many outdoor playgrounds for children, various recreational areas, and running tracks for adults. Among other sports facilities, there are several tennis courts, a bicycle track of 54 kilometers, a volleyball court, a skate park, and outdoor gyms.

The villas and apartments provide all the necessary amenities for pet lovers.

Emirates Hills

Emirates Hills is another area built around the large Montgomerie Golf Club with 18 sectors.

As one of the most expensive areas of the city, Hills provides the most elite residences in Dubai,particularly villas inspired by the famous Beverly Hills.

Prices for most luxury residential properties start at $1,600,000and sometimes reach $51,700,000.

The community was developed by Emaar Properties and is an extremely well-protected and fenced cottage estate.

Residents can access a variety of swimming pools, barbecue and parking areas, green spaces, parks, gardens, and children's playgrounds.

All the infrastructure has been created with pet lovers in mind as there are many parks and designated walking areas.

There are other elite areas nearby such as The Meadows, The Lakes, and The Springs. Access to the main transport arteries of Dubai allows you to quickly travel to Dubai Marina and Dubai Media City.

Despite a slight drop in prices per square meter, due to the development of other similar cottage settlements in the Emirate like the aforementioned Dubai Hills and Palm Jumeirah. However, Emirates Hills remains one of the most popular elite areas in 2021.

This area is popular with many stars and famous personalities from all over the world.

Among the amenities, there is the Spinneys supermarket in The Meadows Souk and a branch of Milk & Honey Gourmet Grocer. The Springs Souk has a Carrefour Market, and another branch can be found in the neighboring Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT). The latter is also home to other famous supermarkets like West Zone Fresh and Al Maya.

Many cafes and restaurants are located in/near the golf club. Among such establishments are the Nineteen Mediterranean restaurant, the Links, and Monty's world cuisine restaurant.

Shakespeare and Co. Cafe, Russo's New York Pizzeria, The Coffee Club café, and many other famous brands are located in The Meadows and Springs Souks.

Shopping not only can you buy everything you need in The Beach Mall, but you can also enjoy active leisure in several outdoor sports facilities including water sports. Additionally, the Roxy Cinema and dine-in restaurants with sea views offer the perfect settings to relax.

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What communities are worthy of your attention in the above areas?

Five Palm, Palm Jumeirah

Five Palm is a cottage village within one of the most expensive resort areas of the Trunk of the Palm Jumeirah.

The community offers villas with 3 and 4 bedrooms with an average living area of 100-120 square meters.

Each villa offers beautiful views of the beaches and sea, private gardens, swimming pools, rooftop jacuzzis, children's play areas, family pools, large and fully equipped kitchens, and even spacious hotels.

In addition, you can access elite restaurants, indoor and outdoor bars, shops,entertainment venues, sunbathing areas (in sun loungers and on balconies), covered parking, and fitness clubs.

The villas are under the constant supervision of a private security company so you don't have to worry about the security and privacy of your life.

On average, prices for villas range from $5,100,000 to $12,200,000.

Signature Villas, Leaf N (Palm Jumeirah)

A cluster of residential villas that offers an assortment of 5 to even 8-bedroom residences with an area of about 650 square meters each.

Each villa has access to a large swimming pool and a private beach. Nearby, there are malls, shops, expensive restaurants, and cafes.

Residents can also use private garage spaces and covered parking lots.

The villas are under constant protection and provide maximum privacy for residents. Many villas also have designated rooms for service staff.

Among many other things, will find private gardens, gyms, and jacuzzis on offer, as well as public fitness centers.

All amenities for animal lovers are available, including designated walking areas.

In general, this is one of the most luxurious and expensive offers on the market. The minimum prices for residences range from $7-7,500,000 and can reach $31,000,000.

XXII Carat, Crescent (Palm Jumeirah)

This is an elite collection of coastal villas, providing 22 luxury residential properties of about 1,000 square meters each.

Everything already listed above is also contained in this residential complex. It is fenced and is under constant protection. Residents can use private beaches of about 65 square meters, swimming pools, clubhouses, gyms, service staffrooms, large living areas, and so on.

Everything is designed in a Mediterranean style with interiors of the highest quality and European furniture.

The purpose of this cottage village is to capture the comfort of living in an elite 5-star hotel in a quiet family-oriented style.

The prices here range from $11 to $25,000,000.

Fairway Vistas, Dubai Hills

This complex of villas is also located next to the aforementioned golf clubs. It consists of 65 modern and elite villas developed in collaboration by the Emaar and Meraas companies. The villas offer 6 and 7 bedrooms.

The villas come in 2 main styles— classic Art Nouveau and modern Arabesque, with areas ranging from 760 to 950 square meters.

The villas are accompanied by private swimming pools, gardens, and walking areas. All windows are floor to ceiling, and everything is made from the highest quality materials and designed by famed interior designers.

Residents of the villas have access to a health and golf club, park pathways, tennis courts, running tracks, and children’s play areas.

Additionally, there are various sports and entertainment venues, shops, cafes, restaurants, medical clinics, spas, various beauty salons, and hotels within the vicinity of the estate.

Prices for such luxury range from $1,300,000 to $8,900,000.

Sector W, E, and L of Emirates Hills

There is no need to detail the advantages of the entirety of Emirates Hills since enough has already been said.

We will only talk about the 3 best projects.

This mainly includes villas with 3 and 6 bedrooms. In fact, these are the largest villas on offer having areas of more than 1,300 square meters. Some ultra-large villas have 8 bedrooms.

The amenities are similar to the other recommended communities: barbecue areas, children’s spaces, swimming pools, gyms, walking areas, gardens, shops, shopping centers, restaurants, and so on.

Sector W is a fenced area more focused on secluded family living.

Sector E, on the contrary, offers active recreation, as it is located close to the previously mentioned Montgomerie Golf Club.

Sector L is similar to E, but also offers a more resort or hotel-centered lifestyle.

Prices in the sectors vary but the overall range is located between $2,700,000 and $21,700,000.

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