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Buying a luxury apartment in the center of Dubai

Buying a luxury apartment in the center of Dubai

Dubai is a huge city, one of the leading tourist destinations in the region, a key transport hub of the Middle East.

And it has no official center.

Everything lies in the very approach of the city's development — each district is a fairly independent administrative unit, which is built up by a certain key developer company. These distinctive and independent areas exist together and form what we know as Dubai.

However, among the many regions of the emirate, there is one area that is unofficially called «the heart of Dubai» — Downtown Dubai.

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The content of the article:

Downtown Dubai is an area where there is everything

Downtown Dubai is located on a relatively small land plot of two square kilometers and is surrounded, on the one hand, by the Dubai Creek Strait, and on the other — by the Sheikh Zayed Highway.

Due to its relatively small size, Downtown accommodates the most famous sights of the Emirate, some of the most popular tourist areas, famous hotels, shopping centers and shops, recreation areas, offices of large local and international companies, as well as the widest range of residential real estate of various types.

But for wealthy investors, buyers and tenants, this area is more attractive than any other, with its wide range of luxury apartments.

And we suggest getting to know Downtown better.

Location and development

Formerly known as Downtown Burj Dubai, the area connects the old and new city. Due to its location, the district provides quick access to the most important regions of the city.

From Downtown, you can get to the neighboring Business Bay — "Manhattan of Dubai" or visit another economic center of the city — the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). The latter is one of the largest financial centers in the Middle East region and has offices of the world's largest companies, including the well-known investment bank Morgan Stanley, the automobile company Mitsubishi and the rating agency Moody's.

Across the Creek Harbor Strait is an actively developing tourist and residential area of Dubai, as well as famous cottage villages, including Mirdif, and the famous Meydan Racetrack.

Jumeirah, the famous Laguna water park, Mercato Shopping Center are located in the west. The coast of the Persian Gulf with many resort areas, including The World Islands, is situated a little further away.

Palm Jumeirah, Barsha Heights, Dubai Marina are located in the south, and the Deira district and Dubai International Airport are situated in the north.

The most famous attractions are the Burj Khalifa, Dancing Fountains and the Dubai Mall.

Downtown is still developing and doing it quickly. The company Emaar Properties, one of the leading developers of the Emirate and a leader in the luxury real estate sector, is responsible for this development. Its presence is noticeable in any part of the district, Emaar develops a wide range of high-rise vertical apartments, clusters of premium villas, transport infrastructure and so on.

Amenities and advantages

An inexhaustible flow of people can enjoy a variety of social events, holidays and parades held in Downtown throughout the year.

Expats can find here a wide range of affordable and extremely luxurious residential and commercial real estate.

Tourists will find many attractions and will be able to visit the already mentioned shopping center — the Dubai Mall, as well as the famous hypermarkets Waitrose, Spinneys, Al Maya.

Expats who have moved to a permanent place of residence with families and children can use the services of highly valued educational institutions: the JSS private school, the Knowledge Village campus and the Dubai International Academic City.

Preschool children can be sent to the popular nurseries and kindergartens Blossom Downtown Nursery Dubai, Pinocchio Nursery and Hummingbird Nursery.

If you need medical care, highly qualified services will be provided by the local offices of Mediclinic and Emirates Hospital.

Downtown visitors

But the district is not only infrastructure, housing and amenities, it is also people.

We have already partially touched on this issue, but who comes to Downtown Dubai, whether on a permanent basis or temporarily.

Given what the area itself is and its geographical location, the population of Downtown is extremely diverse.

Tourists, emigrants, including wealthy people, representatives of small and large businesses, highly qualified labor migrants come here, large companies pay attention to this area. We should not forget about the wealthy local population.

The demand for real estate in the area is always stable, so prices are consistently high, which means that developers are doing everything to quickly provide the best and most diverse housing to the market.

The developer you need to know about

Let's go back to what we mentioned earlier — Emaar Properties is the company responsible for the Downtown development.

Emaar is a major developer not only by the standards of Dubai and the UAE, the company has a significant presence in more than thirty international markets in Europe, America, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

Downtown Dubai is one of the main areas along with those under construction: the coastal Emaar Beachfront and the elite villa cluster Arabian Ranches. An illustrative example of the skill of architects, engineers and builders of the company is the tallest building in the world at the moment — the Burj Khalifa.

The Armani Hotel Dubai, one of the best hotels in the world, and the world's tallest Atmosphere restaurant are located in the skyscraper. To the track record of Emaar, we can add the highest fountain in the world — the Dubai Fountain, as well as the already mentioned large shopping center — Dubai Mall.

The developer always tries to be at the frontline of the industry, and not only within the limits of the size and high cost of objects, but also within the technological perfection of construction processes. An excellent example is the use of 3D printing technologies of houses in the construction of Arabian Ranches 3.

Apartments in Downtown Dubai

What luxury real estate can Emaar offer you? In fact, there are more than 80 apartments in the entire district alone.

However, we have selected the 5 most attractive options for you:

  • Apartments in Il Primo, located on the territory of The Opera District skyscraper complex.
  • Apartments in Vida Residence (4) Downtown Dubai, an offshoot of the Vida Residence franchise.
  • Apartments in Boulevard Heights (another name is BLVD Heights), located between Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid and Burj Khalifa Boulevards.

Il Primo, The Opera District

The Opera District is a group of eight multifunctional skyscrapers with elite residential apartments and hotels. All eight buildings will be located in close proximity to the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain and the Dubai Opera, one of the main places to visit among star performers from around the world.

One of the towers of the district is an extremely luxurious vertical residential complex Il Primo. A 77-storey skyscraper provides apartments with four, five and six bedrooms of the highest quality and price range.

Each of the apartments has a spacious living area and provides access to premium amenities and entertainment all year round.

The main boulevards, roads and metro stations of the district are located nearby, which allows you to quickly move both around Downtown and beyond.

All residential units are equipped with high floor-to-ceiling windows, there is enough space in the rooms to accommodate up to 12 people at the dining tables.

The floors in the apartment are made of marble, light sources create the most natural lighting of the premises, and the decorative elements are made in the most modern design styles.

From the facilities on the territory of Il Primo, you are guaranteed access to restaurants and shops, an infinity pool at the foot of the Burj Khalifa, a modern gym, a cigar salon, a library, a cinema, a golf simulator, a game room and many other places.

Prices for the most popular offer — apartments with four and five bedrooms — range on average from 5.4 to 13.3 million dollars.

Vida Residences, Downtown Dubai

Vida Residences is a 57-storey multifunctional skyscraper that provides a wide range of apartments with 1-5 bedrooms.

The complex is located in the south of the Burj Khalifa, behind the artificial lake of the same name. The building is located at the intersections of three boulevards: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Burj Khalifa and Emaar.

This allows residents to quickly get to all the main attractions and entertainment venues of Downtown, the already mentioned the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Opera, as well as the extremely popular Dubai Frame.

This magnificent structure resembles a picture frame, through which visitors, on the one hand, can see all the sights of the new and modern Dubai, and on the other — admire the views of the old emirate.

The administration of Vida Residences provides all residents with special tours that pass through all the most iconic and attractive places in Dubai, taking you from the apartment room to the desert.

For active recreation, you can go to the sports/gym equipped with the latest technology.

After that, you can go to special barbecue areas or spend time in the fully equipped and spacious kitchens that are available in every residential block of any configuration and size.

Vida is definitely a premium apartment, although, unlike Il Primo, its luxury is restrained, providing more family comfort than the flashy high cost of living.

However, there is also an offer of extremely elite penthouses for the services of buyers.

With such a wide offer, prices for apartments in the complex can start from $1.3-1.5 million and end with $8.1-8.4 million.

Boulevard Heights, Executive Residences

Boulevard Heights is two expensive residential towers with a height of 53 and 46 floors. They are located to the north of the two previous complexes.

The project is a collaboration between Emaar and the Dubai State Multidisciplinary Commodity Center (DMCC).

Each floor can accommodate up to 7 apartments — usually 2 residential units with one bedroom and 5 residential units with two bedrooms.

There are options with three bedrooms (2 objects per floor) and apartments with three bedrooms + a living room for the whole family + a maid's room. The last category has an area of 234 square meters or more.

All apartments are fully equipped and decorated. The complex is located opposite The Opera District, residents have the opportunity to visit art installations and regular shows, participate in various year-round festive events.

But the most interesting thing about BLVD Heights is that this is the first apartment in the style of "office at home". When residents pay 15% of the cost of apartments, they receive a free three-year license to conduct business in Dubai with the possibility of its subsequent renewal.

The same applies to a three-year family residence visa. You can grant licenses to your tenant who rents your house and apply for a free five-year business license yourself.

Thus, to the luxurious and spacious living spaces with access to cafes, fitness centers, swimming pools and restaurants, favorable business conditions are added for those emigrants who want not only to live, but also to earn money from their business in the UAE.

The cost of the apartments ranges from 3-3.5 million dollars. This is probably the most affordable of the luxury apartments, at least compared to the options we described above.

We will help you buy real estate in Dubai

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