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Dubai's new exclusive offer: a completely eco-friendly house

Dubai's new exclusive offer: a completely eco-friendly house

Sustainable City in Dubai presents tent houses for all those who care about the environment. The project in the suburban part provides for minimal environmental impact. There are only renewable energy and water, a unique approach to recycling waste and converting it into secondary raw materials. There are rented properties and villas available for purchase. Moreover, the layout offers unique sphere-style shapes and classic designs.

The peculiarity of these buildings is adaptability to nature. The project was launched in 2018, however, due to the global pandemic, it was not implemented as planned. The houses are powered by solar panels. Considering that the sun shines more than 355 times a year in Dubai, there are no problems with the energy source. The use of plastic is also as limited as possible: each building is equipped with filtered water for drinking and cooking. Attention is also paid to separate recycling of garbage.

The territory is landscaped. Even on the roofs of residential complexes, there are areas for comfortable outdoor rest. Another unique feature of the district is traffic-free zones that purify the air from atmospheric emissions. The creators position their complex, consisting of 500 luxury villas, "as the most comfortable for work and leisure."

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