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Latest news from Dubai real estate market

Latest news from Dubai real estate market

Data from Property Finder, a real estate information portal, showed that there were 27,373 transactions in Dubai in the first half of 2021, worth AED 61.97 billion compared to 35,041 sales of AED 71.87 billion in 2020, the best real estate business in the past eight years in terms of sales.

Positive dynamics

Arab real estate segment is showing an upward trend across the board. The average property price in Dubai increased by 1.3% in March 2021. This is the first annual price increase that has been recorded since the beginning of 2015. Since the market bottomed out in November 2020, prices have recovered and surged 7%.

Shopping sentiment in Dubai has improved, partially thanks to its successful anti-coronavirus policy. Foreign investors and buyers have begun to take an active interest in Dubai as a place for their investments.

Many regional and international buyers come to Dubai with the aim of buying luxury property at a bargain price. Now luxury properties occupy a high market share - about 2.5%.

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