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Dubai has a record deal

Dubai has a record deal

A penthouse for $13,600,000 was sold in Downtown Dubai. The apartments have a favorable geographical location. They are located near the largest shopping center Dubai Mall. The penthouse overlooks the legendary UAE skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa.

The owner purchased a luxury apartment on two levels. The apartment has six bedrooms, with a personal bathroom. Inside, there is an exclusive finish with expensive materials and luxury furniture. The building is located in The 118 tower and has another premium penthouse.

In addition to living spaces and dressing rooms, residents can use the 3000 sq. m swimming pool, landscaped garden, and terrace. The residential complex offers a full range of round-the-clock services, ranging from a fitness center and laundry to private drivers.

The penthouse was sold for a record amount for this area, as this type of housing is usually in high demand in Palm Jumeirah. This confirms that Dubai real estate attracts attention not only for its proximity to the beaches. The market finds buyers in all the megapolis locations.

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