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The best offer for investing in real estate in Dubai

The best offer for investing in real estate in Dubai

Due to the growing demand for real estate in the UAE, crowdfunding investments are becoming popular. Dubai's major portals reduce the lowest possible investment rates to attract foreign investors.

The SmartCrowd platform comes up with an unparalleled offer

The company attracts investors with record low prices. Now, you can invest in Dubai real estate and become the owner of part of the property, spending only AED 500. Previously, the lowest possible investment threshold included four-digit numbers. There are about 40 properties on the portal. They are located in different parts of the metropolis, including in the central and popular tourist areas of Dubai.

According to Siddiq Farid, CEO of SmartCrowd, this solution will attract overseas and local investors who can take the first step towards a secure future at the price of a golf game or breakfast in a restaurant. Given the constantly rising real estate prices in the UAE, the return on investment is justified and high. Now, to make a profit, you can consider investing not only in stocks or bonds but also in residential and commercial funds.

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