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Expo 2020 boosts premium real estate demand

Expo 2020 boosts premium real estate demand

The current period of 2021 saw record demand for villas in Dubai. Expo 2020 directly affects the real estate sales market. If earlier buyers treated individual houses as an opportunity to maintain a comfortable lifestyle during the pandemic, luxury villas are now popular as an investment property.

Expo 2020 will attract not only tourists and stakeholders but also potential investors in the UAE. Analysts believe that the increased demand for real estate will reach the communities directly participating in or associated with this event. As the exhibition lasts six months, analysts say that it is unlikely that house prices will fall during this period. Prices of villas are expected to increase quarterly by 50%.

The situation in the real estate market during this period of the year leads to this conclusion. In the first three months, there were 1,400 transactions worth $843 million. In the second quarter, this number almost doubled to 2,284 villa purchases.

Total expenditure has already been $1.4 billion. The figures for the third quarter reached a record level of $1.6 billion. These figures have already exceeded those of last year. In the last quarter of 2021, they may be twice as large as the results for the same period.

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