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Luxury duplexes in Dubai

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Luxury duplex apartments for sale in Dubai, UAE

The Arab duplex is a popular and very original type of luxury real estate in Dubai. The main feature of exclusive duplexes lies in the atypical organization of the internal space. Unlike the classic houses and apartments of common understanding, an elite duplex in Dubai gives the tenant much more space for living and recreation. It provides competent zoning, which is perfectly complemented by a convenient layout, designer renovation and stunning views of the city.

Luxury apartments in Dubai  from the leading developers of the UAE. Houses and villas are available on the Dubai-Luxury.Property website.

Learn more about the features of elite duplexes

There are a lot of interesting objects in the Dubai real estate market, the Arab duplex is one of them. What is this type of housing?

A duplex is a two-level apartment or a detached house for two families. Both options are common in Dubai and the UAE. Prestigious and really expensive duplex apartments in Dubai can be found in elite new buildings in Dubai .

As a rule, such apartments occupy the top two floors of a high-rise building. The two-level space inside is connected by a staircase. The large area of such objects makes them resemble a house more than an apartment. If we compare a duplex with a penthouse, the latter is more optimal for large families or friendly companies, while a duplex is an option for one, maximum two people.

A married couple without children or a single person who prefers a private lifestyle will find two-level apartments more practical and convenient for meeting everyday needs. Due to the special separation of internal space, the duplex gives a genuine sense of peace and harmony with oneself.

The best duplexes in Dubai with panoramic windows offer a picturesque seascape, high ceilings, an abundance of light and useful space.

Advantages of Arab duplexes

Due to the combination of several floors in one apartment, duplexes belong to premium class housing. Here, the owners have unlimited freedom in terms of organizing the space. In addition, elite duplexes have other undeniable advantages:

* Excellent sound insulation — elite duplexes are located in houses and residential complexes of the highest class, which value the comfort of residents greatly;

* High quality finishes – designer repairs and individual finishes are often found in two-level apartments, whose implementation are overseen by famous designers;

* Profitable investments — due to the high demand in the real estate market, elite duplexes in Dubai allow owners to get the maximum benefit.


The cost of Arab duplexes in Dubai is different depending on their location and specific features that distinguish a particular object from others.

For example, the price for a duplex with 1 bedroom and an area of 117 square meters is €470,000.

A duplex in Burj Dubai – one of the most prestigious areas of Dubai, with an area of 500 square meters, with a swimming pool and full household equipment costs about €4 800 000.

A detailed list of prices for specific objects can be found in the catalog on the Dubai-Luxury.Property website.

Buying a luxury duplex in Dubai

Look for your dream property from the extensive list of options on Dubai-Luxury.Property. Here ,we have objects from the leading owners and developers of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates at attractive prices. For detailed advice on buying a duplex or other real estate in Dubai, please contact the company's specialists.