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  • Luxury real estate in the world's top cities: Dubai vs. London

    An increasing number of people prefer to live in large cities, which offer wide opportunities for employment and business development. The quality of life and infrastructure development are also important. Foreigners consider a capital of the state, as well as major foreign cities for moving to a permanent residence. Dubai real estate is...

  • Luxury and rental real estate in Dubai

    Rent or buy? Invest your money once and become a property owner or rent a property and be able to move any time you want? When it comes to financial matters, buying a home and renting are completely different processes. The first one is an investment and the second one is expenditures. However, the demand for rental property is always high. In this...

  • Dubai luxury rental: premium home comfort

    Dubai has, for several years, been a leading destination for tourists and those planning a more permanent move to the UAE. Its proximity to world-famous attractions, developed infrastructure and wide variety of luxury real estate are the main attractions for these potential tenants. In the Emirates, there is a demand for...

  • Buying a villa in Dubai

    Villas in Dubai are a great solution for those who are looking for a permanent residence and housing in the Emirate and prefer a family-friendly, semi-provincial, and quiet lifestyle within the bustling and luxurious city situated on the Persian Gulf’s white sand beaches. In this article, we have selected the three most popular...

  • Dubai luxury real estate: sales rates and demand leaders

    Despite the coronavirus, Dubai actively develops in all directions: the economy is recovering from the crisis, international influence is increasing and the residential sector is developing. The latter shows impressive results. Read more about the current situation in the Dubai real estate market, sales rates and demand leaders. Our catalogue...

  • TOP-10 most expensive villas in Dubai

    Dubai is a city of great opportunity, business, luxury, as well as breath-taking skyscrapers and real estate. The latter is especially well-developed. The real estate sector in Dubai is one of the most profitable in the UAE after the oil industry and tourism. Among the huge variety of options, villas in Dubai have a special place. This luxury...

  • Top factors affecting prices of luxury homes

    Luxury apartments in Dubai are in high demand. Prime home prices depend on many aspects, but experts note the current rise in prices is because of an increase in demand. During the lockdown, the real estate market appeared to go sideways. Meanwhile, in 2021, property sales jumped, along with sales of prime homes. Our catalogue offers the very...

  • Who buys luxury real estate in Dubai?

    A survey reveals that most of the high-end property deals are concluded by locals. The UAE has a high standard of living and a stable economy, so the demand for luxury sector properties in Dubai is high. Our catalogue offers the very latest luxury property in Dubai. Content: Housing market in the time of pandemic Benefits of purchasing a...

  • How much does it cost to maintain luxury property?

    Overseas property investments are very popular. The United Arab Emirates is one of the leading destinations for this purpose. It offers a wide selection of both regular and luxury homes. Properties in Dubai are more sought-after as the city’s real estate market is growing at a faster pace. Besides buying costs, it makes sense to inspect...

  • What a foreigner needs to know about buying a property in UAE

    The United Arab Emirates is among the best countries for buying real estate as an investment or for a living. The country offers a comfortable climate, almost zero income taxes for individuals including no property taxes as well as the stable economic situation. What do you need to know about buying a property in the UAE? In this article, we answer...

  • Renting out luxury real estate in Dubai

    The United Arab Emirates attracts people from all over the world. Dubai is one of the most popular destinations among tourists and those planning to move to permanent residence. Both the regular and luxury segments are in demand. To a large extent, people are attracted by the climate that allows them to enjoy summer almost all year round. Stable...

  • Dubai real estate prices soar to over $20 million

    Today, after two years since the start of the pandemic, we can say that Dubai property prices have suffered no major losses. Although the demand was slightly down, online showings helped stabilize the city’s real estate market. According to the analytics agency Core, since 2021, an increase in sale has been observed. The most popular options...

  • «Compact» investment in luxury studios in Dubai

    Small-sized studio housing has become increasingly popular with investors, both residents of the UAE and foreigners, in the last couple of years. This demand is especially high in Dubai. Studios are a liquid product, they are well suited for rent and resale, they are possible in both affordable and elite configurations. This offer is widely...

  • Profitable new buildings in Dubai

    Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is a true pearl of the United Arab Emirates. This is a luxurious and technologically equipped city, with architecture hat encapsulate both tradition and modernity; there are convenient expressways next to narrow old-world streets. Potential buyers of luxury real estate in Dubai will love the modern...

  • Investing in luxury residential real estate in Dubai

    The Dubai real estate market is one of the key sectors in the Emirate's economy, and luxury real estate is one of the main parts of the cultural image of the city in the public view. Luxury real estate has many attractive features for investment, however, as with any investment, the premium sector of the market should be carefully studied from...