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Luxury penthouses in Dubai

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Luxury penthouses for sale in Dubai, UAE

Luxury real estate in Dubai is an important engine of the urban economy and all the United Arab Emirates. The most popular and famous type of Arab housing is the elite penthouse in Dubai. It is these objects that attract the most attention from the international community and investors in terma luxury apartment in Dubais of profitable real estate. Buying a penthouse for the purpose of investing is a far-sighted decision that will help not only to save, but also to increase funds in the future.

Learn more about the features of luxury penthouses

Dubai is the second largest emirate in the UAE and a popular tourist destination in the world. The accelerated pace of development, economic growth and thriving infrastructure, coupled with a hot climate and excellent recreational conditions, attract tourists and investors from all over the world.

The Arab penthouse in Dubai is an ideal solution for those who want to enjoy the amazing beauty of the most developed emirate.

The key difference between a penthouse and a regular apartment is the size of the living area, as well as the special organization of space. The rooms in an elite penthouse are spacious, with convenient layouts, high flows, panoramic windows, a spacious terrace and a balcony.  The best penthouses in Dubai offer unlimited opportunities for relaxation and luxury living in the center of a thriving high-tech emirate.

Since the penthouses are located on the top floors in skyscrapers, this is a literal and full-fledged house in the sky. Living in a penthouse means meeting sunrises and seeing off sunsets, admiring the stars and contemplating the lights of a big city. The view in a luxury apartment in Dubai is a separate parameter. In Arab penthouses, there is mainly a panoramic view of the city. Sometimes the windows face 3 sides of the world.

If you are thinking about buying a prestigious property in Dubai, pay attention to the local penthouses.

Advantages of penthouses in Dubai:

  • The best views of the picturesque locations of the city;
  • Premium class repair and finishing;
  • Increased sound insulation;
  • Fully equipped with furniture and household appliances;
  • High ceilings;
  • Competent zoning of residential space;
  • Abundance of light and air.


In view of the wide variety of locations, individual features of buildings, layouts and other features, we can say that each prestigious penthouse is unique in its own way. That is why there is such a spread of prices in this type of real estate.

The cost of penthouses in Dubai varies from 865,000 AED to 41,570,000 AED – and this is far from the limit. The most expensive penthouses are sold on the island of Palm Jumeirah. 

Check the current cost of objects in your locations of interest in the catalog on the Dubai-Luxury.Property website or with the company's managers.

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Discover the variety of premium real estate on Dubai-Luxury.Property. Only the best objects from the leading developers of Dubai are collected here. For detailed advice on renting and buying a penthouse, please contact the manager.