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Luxury townhouses in Dubai

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Luxury townhouses for sale in Dubai, UAE

Luxury townhouses in Dubai have absorbed the key features of premium Arab housing. This type of property combines the luxury of exclusive finishes, ergonomics of space and unsurpassed comfort, which together form an ideal object for family life and recreation, surrounded by the developed infrastructure of a technological metropolis.   

Learn more about the features of elite townhouses

Townhouse is a widespread type of luxury real estate in Dubai. At its core, the townhouse is a low-rise, detached house with several multi-level apartments. Apartments in such objects are isolated from each other, have separate entrances, their own garages, attics, and sometimes a small garden under the window  or a lawn.

In the prestigious areas of Dubai, such as Palm Jumeirah, Damak City and Dubai Marina, townhouses are located in residential communities. This kind of property is perfect for young couples, families with one or two children, as well as for people leading a private and isolated lifestyle.

Thanks to the extensive range of townhouses on the housing market in Dubai, everyone can find an option that fits their taste here. The most expensive townhouses in Dubai, along with their prices and detailed descriptions are presented in the catalog on the Luxury Dubai website.

The best townhouses in Dubai amass great interest from not only ordinary home buyers, but also from foreign investors. Due to the high demand, payback for such objects occurs within a few years. If rented out, it can bring up to 15% of income per year. Therefore, buying an elite townhouse in Dubai, you get not just an object with an ideal price-quality ratio, but a valuable asset that will bring a stable profit.

Arab townhouses are located mainly in the prestigious areas of Dubai, in locations with low building density. Such reservations have everything necessary to meet daily needs: convenient infrastructure, parks, cafes, shops and much more. 

As for the size of townhouses, the number of bedrooms varies from 2 to 4. There are also studio objects on the market. Many houses have separate rooms for storing things. 

Their locations vary a lot: houses can be located on the beach, in open spaces, or in a well-guarded, gated residential community. When choosing a dream home, it is also important to take into account the locational features, since not only the cost, but also your comfort depends on them.


Prices for luxury townhouses in Dubai vary depending on the area and the characteristics of the particular object. For example, a 3-bedroom townhouse with a garden and a swimming pool will cost about 1,200,000 AED. The cost of a luxury 4-bedroom townhouse with panoramic views, a swimming pool and full household equipment can reach 10,000,000 AED. Check the full list of objects, locations and prices in the catalog or with the company's manager.

Buy luxury townhouses in Dubai

Buying an elite townhouse in Dubai will ensure the preservation of capital in the long term, give you the opportunity to get a stable income and provide unlimited opportunities for living and recreation in one of the most developed cities in the world.

You can get detailed advice and find out specific answers to your questions about renting and buying luxury real estate in Dubai from Luxury Dubai managers. Leading specialists with many years of experience in the Arab housing market will provide full support from transaction (including legal support) up to the delivery of the cherished keys.