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Luxury property in Jumeirah

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Luxury property for sale in Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Luxury real estate in Jumeirah is a valuable asset from both practical and financial points of view. Apartments and houses in Jumeirah open up many opportunities for living in a country with a favorable economic climate, state-of-the-art infrastructure and unlimited resources for development of business ideas.

Luxury real estate in Dubai is a property segment with its own characteristics and advantages. There are several neighborhoods in Dubai that offer a great variety of exclusive properties for sale and rent. One of these locations is Jumeirah.

Luxury real estate in Jumeirah

Jumeirah is a promising neighbourhood in Dubai with its unique architecture, infrastructure, public spaces and prestigious housing, which form a unique environment that is aimed to provide the highest standards of living. Jumeirah is one of the greenest neighbourhoods in Dubai. The district is home to 33 parks and green spaces. You will also find one of the best international schools, cafes, shops and malls, top-class restaurants and family cafes here. All state-of-art facilities are located in close proximity to development projects and communities.

Jumeirah's real estate market is diverse. It offers:

Each type is a promising asset, which is sought after by investors from all over the world. Rental income from local luxury real estate quickly pays off the cost of the initial investment. Housing can be paid off within a few years. If you rent a house for a short term, the income can reach up to 15% per annum.

A significant advantage of buying a home in Jumeirah is the opportunity to obtain a resident visa by investing at least $ 270,000 (AED 1 million). With a residence visa, a property owner can legally stay in the UAE for six months.

Jumeirah is divided into two major zones: Jumeirah Village and Jumeirah Circle. Both areas offer luxury housing, first-class hotels and shopping malls. Living in this neighbourhood, you can easily get to any key attractions in Dubai both by car and by public transport.

Luxury property prices in Jumeirah

Dubai's real estate market is the most profitable and prospective in the United Arab Emirates. According to the statistics, the local market features the largest number of home sales, the highest demand for housing and private investments that come here from all over the world. Jumeirah is one of the districts in Dubai that plays an important role in the development of the local market. Property prices in Jumeirah are relatively high due to the prime location and first-class quality of housing.

The cost of a square metre of living space in Jumeirah is $ 6,000 (22,000 AED).

The average cost of an apartment is $ 150,000 (551,000 AED).

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