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  • The best luxury real estate markets in 2023

    Among the 25 largest luxury real estate markets, Dubai ranked first in popularity among wealthy buyers. Demand is so high that in 2023, a 13.5% increase in prices for premium offers in all directions is expected. The second place was taken by Miami, Florida. The city is projected to grow by 5% in the next 12 months. The TOP-5 most popular...

  • The Qatar World Cup has led to a boom in Dubai luxury real estate market

    In the third quarter of 2022, Dubai broke a 12-year record in terms of both the number of sales and total revenue from them in the primary and secondary real estate markets. However, the emirate is only gaining momentum in the fourth quarter, especially in the premium real estate segment, taking advantage of its proximity to Qatar — the...

  • The global luxury real estate market expects high growth in 2022-23 and Dubai will be at the forefront of the trend

    According to recent analyses of the global luxury real estate market, in the next few years, especially in 2022 and 2023, we can confidently expect an increase in sales volumes and prices for premium properties. At least we are talking about 6% growth in the next two years. The growth factors are a significant number of buyers of the UHNW category...

  • A new project has been launched in Business Bay – Chic Tower

    The most famous luxury developer in the Middle East has launched Chic Tower, a 41-storey tower built to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle in an exceptionally luxurious environment with many services and amenities. Chic Tower offers unparalleled access to world-class financial and lifestyle districts, as well as direct access to the Dubai...

  • Dubai Palm Flower will have one penthouse on each floor

    According to the developer, Palm Flower will become a kind of measure of luxury and exclusivity on the palm island: there will be only 10 apartments in the building, but all of them will be the standard of premium real estate. The area of luxury apartments will be from 830 to 1700 square meters, and the main living area will be double height. The...

  • In Dubai, a plot of land and villas in Palm Jumeirah are sold for 600 million dirhams

    According to the latest weekly data from Dubai Land Department, the Palm Jumeirah land and villas were sold for 600 million dirhams. Frond N's real estate area is just under 59,600 square meters, which confirms the island's reputation as an area in Dubai where large transactions are the norm of the day. Real estate insiders claim that the purchase...

  • The leader of Dubai's premium real estate market, Emaar Properties, will have the opportunity to come under 100% foreign control

    At the end of October, on the 25th, Emaar Properties, a well-known Dubai developer, the leader of the premium market of the emirate and one of the largest construction companies in the region, had the opportunity to completely transfer to foreign ownership, if there are suitable international investors. Previously, there was a restriction for...

  • Areas of Dubai with the most expensive luxury real estate — Q3 2022

    According to data from Dubai real estate market participants, the premium sector of the emirate has seen a huge increase in demand and prices for luxury housing in recent months. Quarterly growth by the third quarter of 2022 amounted to 11.29% in terms of prices and 1.11% in sales, earning $5.96 billion by the end of September. The premium...

  • Over the year, the price for luxury housing in Dubai has increased by 89%

    Luxury residential real estate is one of the main factors of Dubai's popularity among wealthy foreign buyers. The key areas of the emirate representing the largest list of options for purchase are Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills and Jumeirah Bay. These areas are responsible for the lion's share of all sales of premium housing in the city and they...

  • Real estate in Opalz was sold out on the first day

    The Opalz project was sold out on the first day of its launch in 2022, reflecting the growing public and investor confidence in the developer and the Dubai real estate sector. Opalz is the 18th project in the developer's investment program. Opalz will be built on a 66,985 square meter plot of land in Dubai Science Park, opposite Dubai Hills Estate...

  • Palm Jumeirah mansion for sale in Dubai for 302.5 million dirhams

    A mansion built in Palm Jumeirah has become the most expensive house ever sold in the emirate, breaking the record for sales of luxury real estate in the city. The mansion is located on the gable of Palm Jumeirah, on the so-called Billionaires Row. The villa, known as Casa Del Sole, was sold in July 2022 for 302.5 million dirhams ($82.4 million)....

  • Three residential areas of Dubai that are close to a 100% increase in value in 12 months

    Will the value of real estate in Jumeirah Bay Island, Emirates Hills and Palm Jumeirah increase by 100% in a year? Given that market sources mention several likely acquisitions that could increase the value of these three ultra-modern facilities in the city, this seems like a very real possibility. The above districts appear to have done well...

  • New record-breaking real estate deal recorded in Dubai

    A mansion on the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah has become the most expensive real estate in the Emirate of Dubai, being sold to a wealthy buyer, whose name is not indicated, for $82.4 million. The building, called Casa Del Sole, found its buyer back in July 2022, but information about the closure of all necessary formal obligations between...

  • «Billionaires’ Row» is a magnet for the super-rich in Palm Jumeirah

    Dubai's Palm Jumeirah district, an artificial island that has remained a symbol of the emirate for almost two decades, has always been a place of attraction for very wealthy expats and real estate investors. However, even in this area, it is easy to establish a gradation between the wealthy and the rich, the rich and the super-rich, the super-rich...

  • More and more super-rich people are arriving in Dubai: September sales reached $6.6 billion

    With the weakening of COVID-19 at the end of 2021, the easing or lifting of various quarantine restrictions in Dubai, public life and economic activity began to return to normal in the emirate. At the same time, the city opened up to many foreigners: tourists, businesses, investors and experts. Dubai has gained particular attention among a wide...