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Luxury apartments and flats in Burj Khalifa

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Luxury apartments for sale in Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Luxury apartments and flats in Burj Khalifa are one fo the most sought after properties in Dubai. Luxury apartments in Dubai are highly valued in the international real estate market, largely due to the unique combination of exemplary quality, luxury and a great variety of amenities. Here you can find everything you could ask for. If you are looking for a high-end apartment in one of the landmark projects, the Burj Khalifa, an ultra-high skyscraper and the tallest building in the world is your choice.

Buying luxury apartments in Burj Khalifa means ensuring life in the very heart of Dubai and its most prestigious landmark building famous for breathtaking views from panoramic windows and unlimited comfort. The owners of the best apartments have access to the entire infrastructure of the skyscraper, including shopping malls, restaurants, bars, swimming pools, night bars, hot tubs, a mosque and an astronomical observatory. Penthouses combine original design solutions and conciseness, which you will not find anywhere else.

Luxury real estate in Dubai located in the Burj Khalifa attracts wealthy people and investors from all over the world. Many of them use these apartments as a secure investment and rent them out. 

The skyscraper is an ambitious engineering project that is known for its ingenious architecture and technological solutions. This has made the Burj Khalifa the most popular symbol of Dubai, its power and progress. If you are thinking of buying a luxury apartment in Dubai, consider units in Burj Khalifa.

Luxury apartment prices in Burj Khalifa

Considering the uniqueness of the location and other factors, the high cost of housing in Burj Khalifa is quite reasonable. 

A square meter of living space in Burj Khalifa starts from 25,000 AED (€5,641). The average cost of an apartment is €1,100,000 – €1,500,000. However, there are more affordable options priced from €581,278 to €910,000.

Buy luxury flats in Burj Khalifa

An expensive apartment in Burj Khalifa sets the standards of comfort and gives unlimited opportunities for securing and growing capital. In the long term, not only experienced but also first-time investors can get high returns. Check out our collection of the most attractive offers in our exclusive property catalogue.

When buying luxury apartments and flats in Burj Khalifa, you acquire not only an apartment in one of the most developed cities in the world, but also a valuable asset that can provide you with a stable income.

The best apartments in Burj Khalifa offer plenty of benefits:

  • Premium class living conditions;
  • Developed infrastructure of the building;
  • Panoramic views of the city of Dubai;
  • Convenient transport links including public transport;
  • The best conditions for doing business in the UAE;
  • An opportunity to obtain a resident visa by investment;
  • High demand for rent.

We will help you buy luxury apartments in Burj Khalifa

Are you considering options for apartments and flats to buy in Dubai? Browse the most prestigious options in Burj Khalifa. The Dubai-Luxury.Property website presents only the latest offers from trusted sellers at attractive prices. Buy an apartment with a touch of luxury in the heart of Dubai! Can’t find what you are looking for? Get in touch with our experts and they will offer you the best custom-tailored solutions matching your goals.