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Luxury villas and houses in Downtown Dubai

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Luxury villas for sale in Downtown Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Luxury villas and houses in Downtown Dubai, one of the leading areas of Dubai, offer unlimited opportunities for recreation and life in the very heart of a highly developed metropolis. If you are interested in luxury real estate in Dubai, Downtown Dubai is one of the top destinations to consider. The range of local real estate is really amazing. Here you will find spacious houses, luxury villas, beachfront townhouses and all types of apartments.

The best villas in Downtown Dubai are a perfect solution regardless of whether you are looking for a holiday home, buy-to-live or buy-to-let options. Investments in Downtown Dubai property will provide a stable source of income if you decide to rent out your villa. Local real estate is very popular with local residents, expats, holidaymakers and business travellers. Therefore, local villas and houses as well as other property types are highly profitable and ensure high returns.

Downtown Dubai, formerly known as Downtown Burj Dubai, is the central district and the heart of Dubai. It is home to the landmark attractions of the emirate: Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, as well as the world-famous dancing fountains. In addition, there are a lot of cultural attractions and recreation spots that you can visit with your family or friends. To buy a luxury house in Downtown Dubai means to make a profitable financial investment in a valuable property with a high payback, which you can also use as a second home and enhance quality of life enjoying your holidays in one of the most amazing cities in the world.

Luxury villa prices in Downtown Dubai

With the relatively small area of the district, which is about two sq. km., it has the highest building density in the entire emirate. A lot of luxury villas and houses in Downtown Dubai are available for sale here.

The cost of villas in this area varies greatly depending mainly on the location, the number of rooms and some other features. For example, a villa of 380 sq. m. with four bedrooms costs about €2.5 million.

You can find more information on property prices in Downtown Dubai in our property catalogue.

Buy a luxury house in Downtown Dubai

The most expensive villas in Downtown Dubai offer the highest level of comfort and exceptional quality. Such properties have a convenient location close to the key spots of the area. Thanks to the developed transport system, you can easily get to any place in Dubai. The best international schools and healthcare facilities are located in this area.

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