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  • Multifunctional luxury project is to be launched by ARM Holding in Dubai

    The new project includes two wings with 37 duplex apartments, with which a single floor will interconnect in the form of a bridge. In the lower part of the structure, shopping and commercial facilities are expected, which will allow residents to get everything they need for a comfortable life within walking distance. The elite complex H Residence...

  • Uptown Tower is preparing for commissioning and attracting buyers of luxury real estate

    In terms of the number and height of skyscrapers, Dubai occupies a leading position in the world. The Uptown Tower skyscraper is another “gem” in the extensive collection of the metropolis. It is a project of one of the largest developers in the region, the DMCC company. So far, 68 floors have been erected, which equals a height of 260...

  • The cost of villas in Dubai has increased by more than 30%

    The results of October showed an increase in prices for residential real estate in Dubai. According to the ValuStrat consulting group, the increase in the value of villas in several cottage communities has reached 31% compared to the same period last year. The situation with the demand for premium real estate has changed. Activity in comparison...

  • Rental of Dubai housing stock to increase in price

    There is no doubt about the profitability of real estate investments in Dubai, as it has a consistently high profitability index. The trend of increasing prices for rental properties has already been outlined in the third quarter of 2021. Budget housing has increased in price by about 14%, and in some areas, this figure has reached 30%. And if...

  • Dubai real estate attracts wealthy investors from all over the world

    According to Luxhabitat Sotheby's, premium properties are in increasing demand in the Dubai real estate market. At the end of 2020, there was a demand for villas, townhouses, and luxury apartments, and in 2021 investors began to buy housing worth over $8 million even more. In total, about 30 similar housing were sold at various prices during this...

  • Mortgages in Dubai are in increasing demand

    According to Mortgage Finder, mortgage lending in the third quarter of this year became the most popular. Low-interest rates and increased demand for real estate in Dubai have contributed to an increase in transactions. The number of credit transactions in the first nine months has already exceeded last year’s results. According to the...

  • Real estate investment in Dubai grows at a record pace

    An increasing number of foreign nationals are choosing Dubai properties as investments. The market is recovering, and sales are growing in the emirate. A new report of the Dubai Land Department shows that the real estate market of the metropolis is directly related to investment flows. Investors are interested in receiving a net return on...

  • Real estate sales in Dubai in the third quarter of 2021 break all records

    From mid-summer to the end of the first month of autumn, 15,926 property transactions totaled $11 billion. It is Dubai’s historical record in value and returns to sales that have not been available since 2009. In the third quarter, secondary housing transactions led in the market. They accounted for 56.5% of the total number of transactions....

  • Expo 2020 boosts premium real estate demand

    The current period of 2021 saw record demand for villas in Dubai. Expo 2020 directly affects the real estate sales market. If earlier buyers treated individual houses as an opportunity to maintain a comfortable lifestyle during the pandemic, luxury villas are now popular as an investment property. Expo 2020 will attract not only tourists and...

  • Dubai developer Union Properties attracts investors to a new project

    One of the largest developers of the UAE, Union Properties, presented a new project of townhouses to be built in Motor City Hills. The first stage of the project is the construction of three-story houses of 415 buildings. The developer has chosen a real estate agency that will be engaged in marketing and sales. The new project will take the...

  • Dubai is among the best countries for obtaining visas through residential investment

    According to the Henley & Partners index, Dubai is one of the world’s most attractive investment destinations. Several programs have been launched in the United Arab Emirates to simplify obtaining a residence permit to increase investor loyalty. There are several reasons to invest: High standard of living. The active development of the...

  • In the last quarter of 2021, villas are in high demand in Dubai

    Currently, real estate is becoming popular in communities near Expo 2020. According to the Dubai portal Zoom Property Insights, the demand for luxury real estate on private land plots is expected to increase. Villa sales in 2021 reached a record level, while budget options from $ 400,000 and luxury real estate for several million dollars are...

  • Dubai cuts minimum property investment for 3-year visa

    For a long time, the minimum financial requirement to apply for a residence visa through investment in Dubai’s property was $272,742. Currently, according to the official information from the Dubai Land Department, the amount has been reduced to $204,108. The economic impact: More foreign funds will be attracted The economy will be...

  • Dubai vs Abu Dhabi property markets: UAE Central Bank’s analysis

    The real estate market of the United Arab Emirates started to revive at the end of 2020, with the trend extending into 2021. Sales in the first half of the year hit beyond the highest level for the past five years. However, the market situation in Abu Dhabi and Dubai is different. According to the analysis from the UAE Central Bank, the real...

  • Dubai Holding adds 6,000 properties to the market

    Dubai Holding, the major state-owned investment holding company in Dubai, said it expects to sell 6,000 new homes during the rest of 2021 and early next year. The company is optimistic about the current situation in the real estate market. The growing demand, especially from foreign investors, contributes to an increase in sales. Established...