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  • How to distinguish luxury real estate from non-elite

    A more difficult task than it seems at first glance is to determine what luxury real estate is. After all, "elitism" is not a certain firmly checked indicator that remains unchanged over time. Such a characteristic is the object of both subjective and objective factors. To determine it, it is necessary to take into account both completely computable economic indicators and subjective demand from buyers. In this article, we have shown the key features of luxury real estate objects, considering them from all sides. Our catalogue offers the very latest luxury property in Dubai. The content of the article: Luxury real estate from the viewpoint of a modern buyer What defines luxury real estate How to distinguish elite from other real estate Prices Return on...

  • Buying a luxury apartment in the center of Dubai

    Dubai is a huge city, one of the leading tourist destinations in the region, a key transport hub of the Middle East. And it has no official center. Everything lies in the very approach of the city's development — each district is a fairly independent administrative unit, which is built up by a certain key developer company. These distinctive and independent areas exist together and form what we know as Dubai. However, among the many regions of the emirate, there is one area that is unofficially called «the heart of Dubai» — Downtown Dubai. Our catalogue offers the very latest luxury property in Dubai. The content of the article: Downtown Dubai is an area where there is everything Location and development Amenities and advantages Downtown...

  • Luxury real estate: market forecasts for 2021

    Luxury real estate is the business card of Dubai. This offer comes in various types, sizes and configurations. In the premium class, the investor and the buyer will find large vertical apartments, penthouses, villas with five or more bedrooms, townhouses made of the best materials with the involvement of famous designers. All this, of course, is located in attractive tourist, resort and business areas — closed cottage villages like Arabian Ranches, artificial islands of Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali, lively Business Bay and Downtown Dubai. In other words, the offer is wide and diverse, which has always attracted a lot of attention from tourists, business investors and expat foreigners. However, Dubai is not the only luxury real estate market in the world, at the same time, the...